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List of Artists 

Self taught mixed media artist based in Thornbury. I paint atmospheric skies, abstract birch trees and loose florals. I like working with texture and gold leaf.

Agnieszka Richards


Embracing the fusion of imagination and entertainment, my husband and I embarked on the journey of Safari Rock Soft Play, a visionary concept crafted to evoke joy in both adults and children alike. Within our establishment, we curate an oasis of playfulness, boasting soft play facilities tailored for our little guests, complemented by a cafe offering delectable takeaway options.
Our creative expression finds its zenith in the meticulously hand-painted artwork adorning our walls, each stroke infused with the spirit of iconic venues like Hard Rock Cafe and The Rainforest Cafe. Drawing inspiration from these legendary locales, our artworks seamlessly marry the majesty of Safari animals with the flair of renowned musicians, resulting in an immersive sensory experience unlike any other. Can you see who inspired each painting?

Aimee Winter-Tuck


I have been drawing, painting, sewing and making since my earliest memories. Brought up in the Herefordshire countryside, I moved to Bristol to study Illustration (BA Hons) at Bower Ashton, UWE, where I now work in the Fashion and Textiles Department. 
Continually inspired by the glories of nature, I love to sketch and paint in fields, gardens and on beaches. Drawn to colour and texture, I enjoy the physical process and layered qualities of oil painting. Using brush, knife and improvised tools, this is a happy way for me to capture the vibrant pattern of my surroundings.

Alison Stephenson


Amanda’s work is semi abstract, full of symbolic figures and animals existing in strange landscapes.
The narrative is created during the painting and mark making process. 
Images that are presented to the viewer are scenes that are playful yet can be challenging .
Amanda’s painterly language has developed over the years from enjoying the intuitive process by exploring colour and form , however the themes explored are constant and still remain authentic and heartfelt.
Amanda has reoccurring myths in her work such as the princess with the 13 eyes, big city life rabbit and the poncho wearing cowboy.
The scenes that come to life during her fast painterly process are raw and personal , fragile and dark themes are often explored such as coming to terms with loss, relationships, reflection, protection, illness and death.
Amanda gains inspiration from being in the natural Gloucestershire landscape and her work is often inspired by song lyrics and playing the banjo.

Amanda Griffiths


Angela has been a professional mosaic artist for over 12 years and co-founded TomatoJack Arts in berkeley along with Lynda Knott, where they still teach regular mosaic workshops. 
Angela's mosaic artwork has developed over the years but she is still inspired by geometric abstract shapes in the landscape and her surroundings, she explores these architectural qualities by using different textures and perspectives.

Ange Williams


I am an artist living in Thornbury, having graduated from Falmouth University 2022.  I produce original, hand drawn black and white artworks using fine point ink pens depicting local scenes, buildings and life observations from around Thornbury, which I hope you will enjoy.  I also produce editorial illustrations which you can see on my website.

Angela Colquhoun

Pen and Ink Illustration

Not drawn to photographic reality I prefer the magical unpredictability of water and pigment left to 
its own devices with very little intervention on my part.
I currently favour expressive intuitive landscapes and have almost entirely abandoned traditional 
brushwork in favour of liquid watercolour, or pure pigment to paper, then water manipulation in 
several forms and bamboo pen or palette knife marks.
My inspiration is mainly drawn from the beautiful riverside village in which I live, but away from 
home I am drawn to wild landscapes and shorelines.

Angela Scrivin


Ocean inspired jewellery using New Zealand Paua shell, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. I create a variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I also make a range of greeting cards.

Anne Lewandowska


I am a painter of landscapes, animals, birds and flowers.
I work mainly in acrylics and gouache.

Anne McAllister


Caroline is a multidisciplinary artist who uses maps, photographs and documents as reference to make layers of marks with textiles, print, cyanotype, acrylic paint and mixed media.

Caroline Stealey

Textiles and Mixed Media

I enjoy producing art work as it allows my thoughts, feelings and imagination to explore, express and create works in oil, acrylic and mixed media. I have limited classical training in oils but much comes from my own pursuit of fun. I have worked on commissions and private paintings that hopefully inspire and delight others.

Carrie Oliver


Catherine is a ceramicist producing both functional and decorative pieces in stoneware and porcelain. She enjoys exploiting a variety of finishes, such as Raku and slip decoration.

Catherine Hall


I have been making semi- abstract paintings in oil or acrylic. These are from sketches made in the landscape during my walks in the local area. Composition, colour and atmosphere are important factors for interpreting my feelings in visual form. The use of texture and different media, sometimes collage, helps my journey in this to remain an exciting one, retaining an element of mystery and imagination.

Christine Dack


I almost exclusively work on landscapes of the local area. My detailed work in acrylic captures the countryside in every season. I have a fascination for the construction of fields juxtaposing one against another and the colours from the foreground to the distance. I enjoy spending time just to look and absorb and draw the landscape for my next painting. In recent years I’ve been concentrating on bringing greater colour and depth to my paintings. As well as original paintings and giclée prints I also have cushions/clocks/mugs and other items my work is printed on.

Claire Failes


I create vessels that relate to and have dialogue with each other, their environment and those who interact with them both visually and by touch. This communication occurs by engaging in many ways, physical, spatially, emotionally, and spiritually. My forms capture this interaction, that precious essence of ‘being-with’, that can facilitate acceptance, dialogue, and potential for our well-being and collaboration.
Using a selection of clays, terra sigillata’s and glazes illustrate the diversity of those materials.  Their use reflects qualities, presence and diversity within humanity which have used ceramics in countless ways for millennia.

Clare Stephens


I am an artist with painting and drawing at the heart of my practice. I make work deeply connected to a sense of place in response to particular landscape features that have had a profound effect on me, mostly in tidal and coastal areas. The locations I choose and the focus of my attention is highly selective and personal, one that evokes a very strong, emotional, felt response. Central to my practice is the use of pure colour which I make from pigment.

Clare Thatcher


Pottery bowls, mugs, jugs, cookware, vases, tiles, fridge magnets, pendants and animals.  Also coral sculptures, Raku and pit-fired pots, new abstract sculptures and foam pressed bowls and trays. 
Come and see my pottery studio and display. I am happy to explain making and different firing methods.

Derek North


Loose and lively Acrylic landscapes and seascapes

Diane Harrison


Edward Kilmartin Photography
Creatively Capturing Moments

Edward Kilmartin


I hand make whimsical, colourful pottery to add a little magic to peoples homes. I use the pinch potting technique to create pieces that have an organic feel and are all unique including mugs, trinket dishes, vases and bowls.

Emily Craig


Frances's work seeks to evoke memories of specific places through an abstract lens, revealing the instinct we have to associate colour, shape and form to tangible places. Through printmaking and painting she works to inspire memories of places, alongside exploring how landscapes and nature change seasonally through areas of distressed textures and smooth softly painted forms.

Frances Daws

Painting & Printmaking

Woodturner: large selection of items made from wood, including wooden exhibition models.

George King


Together with Anne Guy I make quilts of all sizes for adults and children, quilted tote bags, zipped bags, cushion covers, covered books quillows. All in a variety of delightful fabrics designed to please.
Also wooden items decorated with pyrography plaques, coin trays, platters, keyhooks, flower press, clocks and beautiful sycamore boxes decorated finished and lined.

Georgina Korn

Quilting & Pyrography

I paint land and seascapes in acrylic or mixed media, also animals and flowers in watercolour.

Gillian Moules


Heather builds up her pictures in many layers using coloured pencils, watercolours or acrylics. She is inspired by animals, nature and railway themes. She is also experimenting in using coloured pencils to create lifelike portraits.

Heather Extance

Coloured Pencils and Painting

Batik and weaving inspired by the natural environment, landscape and especially woodlands.

Heather Morgan


Holly is a Fine Artist capturing memories and emotions in magical seascapes, landscapes and florals. Vibrant colour and texture sweeping across the canvas adding mood and vibrancy to any room. Each painting is filled with heart and spirit - a true celebration of natures treasures. Originals, prints, cards and homeware.

Holly Dunham


I am an oil painter.

Not always, but forever will be - immersed in the natural world.
I'm attracted to various subjects, but favour landscapes and painting outdoors.

A representational painter, I mix my colours using 3 primaries + white.
My approach - loose, expressive, evident brushstrokes with thick knife-paint.
Enough visual information to convey a picture, but viewed up-close, simply marks. An illusion.

Thick oils have a presence and physicality, the surface ‘a life of its own’.
It draws the touch, the artwork not only an image but an object.

Art is for us all - I like to share mine.

James Gadbury


I am a photographer from Frampton Cotterell that has been interested in photography from an early age, as well as developing a keen interest in wildlife and nature.
My photographs are mainly of wildlife and nature, capturing them in their own environment. I also work in landscape photography, showing the essence of my surroundings.
Most of my art is from the Outer Hebrides, mainly the Isles of Harris and Lewis, although I also take photographs more locally and other places around the UK.

Jamie Constable


Jeanette paints a variety of subjects in various mediums including oils, acrylic, pastels, watercolours and mosaics.

Jeanette Thomas

Painting and Mosaics

Paintings in acrylics and mixed media and cards.

Jennifer Smith


I have a passion for creating beautiful and useful objects from wood. Few things give me as much joy as to collaborate with the wood to create something and to see it find a new home where it will be loved and cared for. It is important to me that the wood I use is responsibly and locally sourced.

Johannes Roux


Judith Pemberton-Bennetts, an acrylic artist from Dursley. After three years in Australia refining her impressionist style, her art is now inspired by Cotswold landscapes.  She has become known for her depictions of the trees and their seasonal transformations. More recently, using metallics.  Judith's global reach extends through commissioned pieces sent worldwide, alongside regular exhibitions locally.

Judith Pemberton-Bennetts


I enjoy working in water colour and acrylic paint, also collage. Generally my subjects are the natural world, landscapes and experimenting with pattern.

Karen Byrne


Originally from Ireland, Karen Hilliard completed her BA Hons, ceramics at Cardiff Met and has continued working professionally in clay from her studio in the Cotswolds. Karen's work is heavily focused on her natural surroundings, binding that with how clay responds to mark making and surface applications of slips and colour. She stretches and manipulates clay to create functional ceramics for use in the home.

Karen Hilliard


Textile and Ceramic Art inspired by observations in the natural world. The Textile work is a combination of techniques including layered fabric, paint and free motion machine embroidery. These art works are complimented with a range of hand built functional ceramics and lampshades.

Karen Schwamm

Textiles & Ceramics

I work in both acrylic and watercolours to create vibrant and gentle pieces. My paintings are often of animals that capture a bit of their character and I enjoy the process of creating a piece that will make you smile.

Kate Andrews


I am a digital artist creating my pieces in 'Procreate', I create predominantly abstract vibrant colourful pieces. They are high quality prints produced using the Giclee method of printing to Fine Art Trade Guild standards. I will also be selling pin badges, colouring books, cards and stickers and have examples of fabrics created from my designs which can be purchased on Spoonflower. com

Katie Hall

Digital Art

Original paintings in acrylic and mixed media inspired by the British countryside. Subjects include wildlife, flora and landscape that are also available as limited edition prints and greetings cards.

Kay Watkins


Stoneware pottery, glazed in a variety of styles.
Individually designed silver and semi precious stone jewellery.

Lindsey Benson

Ceramics and Jewellery

I make thrown and hand built sculptural ceramics, some functional and some inspired by nature and landscape. The pieces are fired either in an electric kiln to stoneware temperatures or in my homemade raku kiln in the garden.

Liz Armstrong


A collection of work from fused glass hangings to mixed media landscape and floral paintings. 
Some of the glass hangings enclose botanical plant forms. The original plant forms are burnt away in the firing of the kiln leaving many varied imprints in the form of "ghost fossils" other glass is expressed through vibrant colours and surface. 
Paintings are developed using an individual technique of distressing paper which is then worked into mixed media.

Louise Guest

Glass and Painting

I have always loved to experiment! From scientist to mosaic artist, I am constantly playing with new materials, intrigued by how they interact with each other. Inspiration springs from my immediate environment, often the forgotten or overlooked. 
Recent experiments have focused on my fascination with the detritus of my bonfire and the surrounding forgotten landscapes and remnants of human interventions. I aim to create a nonconventional beauty using found objects and partially burnt timbers, enhanced with mosaic, gold smalti or gilding.

After a career in research biochemistry, I co-founded TomatoJack Arts in 2011 - a mosaic studio in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. I am a Professional Member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic, and I continue to expand my practice by attending workshops in many varied media. My art is now more accurately described as mixed media and I am continually trying new techniques as well as experimenting with new materials.

Lynda Knott

Mixed Media

Inspired by coastal villages and the natural world, I work with preloved textiles, creating bespoke bags, functional homeware and textile art.

Mair Gapper


I use Acrylics, Oils, Acrylic Inks and Pouring paint which is quite interesting  as you don't really know how it will turn out!

Marjorie Roper-Marshall


I am a landscape and flower artist working mainly in acrylics and stitch. Using textures from nature to create marks in my work, I like to build up layers to get a sense of depth in my paintings. I love to paint meadows and bees but also local landscapes and commissions. I live in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

Melanie Chivers

Painting and Stitch

Relief sculpture modelled in lime plaster (Pargeting), suitable to hang outside (or inside if you prefer), finished with traditional white or coloured limewash.

Mike Hardwick

Relief Sculpture

All the pictures are original coloured pencil drawings completed for my benefit as a hobby. They will be available for a changing display during the Art Trail hopefully for visitors to enjoy and there will be no pressure to buy.

Mike Josey

Coloured Pencil

Nadya Webster is an upholsterer trained in traditional and modern upholstery techniques. She specialises in restoring heirlooms and loves using natural fabrics such as Welsh wool. As well as upholstering furniture, Nadya also makes bespoke seating and cushions.

Nadya Webster


I am a hobby artist, my work is mainly with Alcohol Inks, however I also experiment with a range of other mediums.

Nic Driver

Ink Painting

I work in watercolours, alcohol inks and fused glass to create artistic pieces reflecting nature. My painting style is inspired by Chinese brush painting techniques where pigments flow in the water or alcohol to give the pictures translucency and movement. I donate profits to The Woodland Trust for the planting and care of native Trees

Nicky Stone

Painting and Glass

Predominantly a painter, I enjoy colour and texture, and frequently experiment mixing media and styles.
My subject matter is as varied as my media. I am inspired by nature and landscape; look carefully as sometimes it may not always be quite as it seems.
My real enthusiasm is aroused when I see an opportunity to explore and express the more difficult subject matters we are exposed to.

Nicola Latham


I create landscape, still-life work and abstracts using a variety of materials.

Pauline Darley


Ricky Woodman-Povey is a mixed media textile artist based in the South West of England. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Ricky's work often features organic shapes and patterns, as well as bold and vibrant hues.

Techniques include felt-making, embroidery, printmaking, cyanotype and natural pigments. The combination of traditional textile techniques and unconventional materials and methods results in a dynamic and exciting body of work that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking.

Ricky Woodman-Povey

Mixed Media Textiles

I create pictures using sea glass and beach finds. I also use the sea glass to make simple but elegant jewellery and I’ve also recently started using resin to replicate the waves and also incorporated beach finds. The beach is a running theme in my work, I have always been inspired by a trip to the seaside!

Rosa Fitzgerald

Collage, Jewellery and Resin

Designer and maker of silver and rolled gold jewellery encompassing semi precious stones and pearls

Rosemary Millar


The work is rooted in drawing but encompasses painting and sculpture. Using caricature as a means of stepping outside the 'Self' there is a playfulness that leans heavily on the Absurd.

Shirley Sharp

Sculpture and Drawings

Susan works on multi-subject watercolour and acrylic paintings, but her portfolio is a life’s compilation of fine art, artisan, refurbished, children’s party and even edible painting projects, dressmaking and home sewing; she also founded and ran a local Art Group for 10 years.  Although painting for pleasure, Susan has also taken some commissions including a giant fibreglass bee for South Gloucestershire Council, and last year refurbished two 3D model sheep for Bristol & South Gloucestershire Girl Guiding.  Her original artworks, prints and cards have been sold at events and outlets in Bristol, the Lake District and Cornwall.

Susan Hartry


With glass as my canvas and light as my medium, I delve into the traditional art of leadlighting to produce beautiful glass panels. Each piece emanates a symphony of colours and stories, echoing the rich heritage of this ancient craft.

Thomas Woodman-Povey


A water colour wildlife artist living in Dursley. My love of animals and nature reflects in my art. 

I am a passionate artist whose heart beats with a love for capturing the beauty of animals and nature through the delicate medium of watercolour. I go all out when I paint animals and nature in watercolour from the tiniest whisker on a hare's nose to the veins of a leaf that catch the light. Living in the countryside serves as a wellspring of inspiration for my paintings.

Yasmin Jones


Abstract representational paintings evoking a feeling of time and place. Currently working with acrylics and resins which is a tightrope walk between control and chance.

Yvette Zoffani


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