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Lynda Knott

Mixed Media

I have always loved to experiment! From scientist to mosaic artist, I am constantly playing with new materials, intrigued by how they interact with each other. Inspiration springs from my immediate environment, often the forgotten or overlooked.
Recent experiments have focused on my fascination with the detritus of my bonfire and the surrounding forgotten landscapes and remnants of human interventions. I aim to create a nonconventional beauty using found objects and partially burnt timbers, enhanced with mosaic, gold smalti or gilding.

After a career in research biochemistry, I co-founded TomatoJack Arts in 2011 - a mosaic studio in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. I am a Professional Member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic, and I continue to expand my practice by attending workshops in many varied media. My art is now more accurately described as mixed media and I am continually trying new techniques as well as experimenting with new materials.

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