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Information for Exhibitors

Online applications for the 2023 Severn Vale Art trail will be open on 9th January and will close on 6th February.  Please read the FAQs and click on the link below to apply:


In addition to completing the form online don't forget to send 3 good quality images to 

Notes on sending us images of your work!

Think very carefully about the images that you submit, as one will be chosen to appear on the website and also appear in the art trail leaflet.


  • NEW IMAGES! To keep the trail guide fresh, please do not send images of your work that featured in previous trail guides.

  • Ensure that your image is in focus, with no glare from glass frames.

  • Lighting – ensure your work is well-lit, with natural light where possible.

  • Images should be submitted as an attached JPEG file (not included in the body text of the email), and at a good resolution – ideally between 1 and 3 MB.

  • Your image filenames must include your name and be numbered 1 to 3, eg. if you are called Fred Bloggs name your images as follows:


Bloggs F_1.jpeg

Bloggs F_2.jpeg


You will be notified by email soon after 9th February if your application is successful and will be required to pay the application fee of £40.

Artists equipment

The Severn Vale Art Trail promotes and supports artists who live and work in the Severn Vale.  It's a great opportunity to present your original artworks for sale and engage with an enthusiastic public giving them an insight into your working practices.


This information is for artists taking part in the Severn Vale Art Trail and for those who would like to take part in future trails - see FAQs for everything you need to know.

The Art Trail committee is committed to ensuring that all reasonable precautions are taken in order to make venues as safe as possible for exhibitors as well as visitors. 

If you would like to take part in future art trails please contact:

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