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Amanda Griffiths


Amanda’s work is semi abstract, full of symbolic figures and animals existing in strange landscapes.
The narrative is created during the painting and mark making process.
Images that are presented to the viewer are scenes that are playful yet can be challenging .
Amanda’s painterly language has developed over the years from enjoying the intuitive process by exploring colour and form , however the themes explored are constant and still remain authentic and heartfelt.
Amanda has reoccurring myths in her work such as the princess with the 13 eyes, big city life rabbit and the poncho wearing cowboy.
The scenes that come to life during her fast painterly process are raw and personal , fragile and dark themes are often explored such as coming to terms with loss, relationships, reflection, protection, illness and death.
Amanda gains inspiration from being in the natural Gloucestershire landscape and her work is often inspired by song lyrics and playing the banjo.

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