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The theme of the artwork was to create ‘what makes you happy’ and was aimed to be a celebration of the lockdown restrictions (hopefully!) coming to an end and life beginning to return to normal. Ideas of what could have been created can be found here.

Photos of what was created this year can be seen below.


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Thank you to all those who created art for the Family Art Adventure and for those who took the time to view it. We hope you enjoyed the event, which has now ended for this year. We hope to run it again in Spring 2022.


For those who do not know what the Family Art Adventure is, it was a new art event we were running alongside the Severn Vale Art Trail. It aimed to be an enjoyable, healthy and free activity for us all to do!


The idea was that family/household members of all ages, but particularly children and young people, create their own works of art using any medium they wish. They were then encouraged to display it in their home windows for all to see from 1st May 2021 to 31st May 2021. Thornbury residents then have plenty of time to walk, view and enjoy the window art by using a downloadable map as a guide.