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List of Artists 

Kate is a self taught artist who brings characters to life in her work.  Painting in both watercolour and acrylic creating beautiful expressive pieces that make you smile.

Kate Andrews


Liz produces thrown and hand built sculptural stoneware and raku, ranging from small ornamental pieces to more functional ware.

Liz Armstrong


Daisy creates handmade wax-resist tapestries with sewn and appliqué phrases or a colourful collage of fabric sewn together in an almost square composition.

Daisy Ashfield


Lindsey makes hand thrown stoneware ceramics in an eclectic mix of styles.

Lindsey Benson


Christopher has produced 6 large oil paintings showing aspects of the Forest of Horwood, a Royal Forest between the Little and the Bristol Avon and between the Severn Estuary and the Cotswold edge.

Christopher Bloor


Bethany makes both traditional acrylic paintings and digital illustrations, with some utilising mixed media.
She loves creating artwork relating to nature and food. Focusing on positive themes of connection and identity whilst using bright colours and bubbly characters.

Bethany Bronwyn Curtis


Louise focuses on painting wildlife in her preferred medium of acrylics although she also occasionally works in oils and watercolour.  She is interested in portraying texture in her work.  Her lion cub painting was voted people’s choice by visitors to the Thornbury art club exhibition.

Louise Burns-Jones


Karen enjoys working with acrylic, water colour and collage, exploring colour and pattern in the natural world.

Karen Byrne


Melanie paints landscape and wild meadows in acrylic using natural materials to create marks and texture. Inspired by her local surroundings and garden

Melanie Chivers


Jamie's photographs are mainly of wildlife and nature, capturing them in their own environment. Most of his art is from the Outer Hebrides, mainly the Isles of Harris and Lewis. Although he also take photographs locally and in other places in the UK.

Jamie Constable


Semi abstract landscape painting in oil, acrylic or collage on canvas board or paper which have their genesis in on the spot drawing and painting. Composition, colour and atmosphere are important factors for Christine in interpreting her love for landscape, woodland and coastal in its changing seasons and weather conditions.

Christine Dack


Pauline uses a mixture of media and subject matter; abstract, still life and landscapes.

Pauline Darley


Frances's work seeks to evoke memories of specific places through an abstract lens, revealing the instinct we have to associate colour, shape and form to tangible places. Through printmaking and painting she works to inspire memories of places, alongside exploring how landscapes and nature change seasonally through areas of distressed textures and smooth softly painted forms.

Frances Daws

Painting & Printmaking

Holly is a Fine Artist capturing memories and emotions in magical seascapes, landscapes and florals. Vibrant colour and texture sweeping across the canvas adding mood and vibrancy to any room. Each painting is filled with heart and spirit - a true celebration of natures treasures. Originals, prints, cards and homeware.

Holly Dunham


Alison produces elegant detailed ink drawings, concentrating on the detail and beauty found in nature.

Alison Dyson

Ink Drawing

Claire mainly paints landscapes. She paints in acrylic with the aim of making the viewer feel they are in that place at that moment in time. Sometimes she paints a place more than once as light and time of year can alter the composition giving it a completely different feel.

Claire Failes


Josie loves to be creative. In recent years she has fallen in love with photography. Her photos express joy, peace, happiness, beauty and the freedom that we have in the frail world that we live in.

Josie Fishpool


Rosa searches beaches for sea glass, shells, sea china, driftwood and pebbles and makes pictures with them

Rosa Fitzgerald


Inspired by both the natural world and recycling Mair works with textiles, creating bespoke items using preloved fabrics. Using mainly denim and vintage fabrics she creates a range of bags and unique, functional homeware. Each piece has a distinctive style, is individually designed and lovingly hand crafted.

Mair Gapper


Amanda has conjured up in her latest work a menagerie of fantastical creatures rich in symbolism. Always fun but with a hint of darkness her colourful and playful work always invites comment.

Amanda Griffiths


Katie's work is primarily digital art, created in 'Procreate' with some overlays of digital images and photographs and original physical paintings.  Her work is mostly abstract and colourful with organic shapes and patterns. She produces quality prints, canvasses and a colouring book.

Katie Hall

Digital Art

Catherine is a ceramicist producing both functional and decorative pieces. She enjoys exploring a variety of finishes, such as Raku and slip decoration.

Catherine Hall


Mike uses lime mortar in relief sculpture on boards that can be hung outside and are coloured with traditional limewashes. Hand modelled individual pieces based on the traditional craft of Pargeting.

Mike Hardwick


Gillian creates enamel panels and bowls incorporating trees.  She also combines her interest in nature in her silver and aluminium jewellery.

Gillian Harkness

Jewellery & Enamel

Anne uses a variety of mediums but mainly acrylic.  She is inspired by colour, water and reflections often including boats.  She is also interested in the shape of things which can become a realistic abstract work.

Anne Harrison


Diane paints in acrylics to create loose and lively abstracts.

Diane Harrison


Adrian creates abstract and figurative paintings in oils and acrylics, and also works with digital media.

Adrian Holmes


Edward is a landscape & wildlife photographer.

Edward Kilmartin


George is a woodturner producing a large selection of items.

George King


Georgina makes quilts of various sizes, quilted bags, table runners, cushion covers, and sewn items.  She also creates small wooden items, trinket boxes and plaques decorated with pyrography.

Georgina Korn

Quilting & Pyrography

Glass Schemes creates stained glass for sacred and secular spaces. Using age old techniques of staining and then leading together, glass is formed into decorative panels. The designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural world and geometric forms.

Eleanor Lachab

Stained Glass

Nicola is predominantly a painter, she enjoys experimenting with media and styles. She is inspired by nature and landscape, but all may not be quite as it seems. Her real enthusiasm is aroused when she sees an opportunity to explore and express the more difficult subject matters we are exposed to.

Nicola Latham


Anne's nature inspired jewellery uses New Zealand Paua shell, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. She designs a variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings which are original and easy to wear

Anne Lewandowska


Anne's paintings feature a wide variety of subjects in gouache and acrylic. Cards and prints are also available.

Anne McAllister


Thread painting is an art form where thread such as rayon and silk is used to create beautiful landscapes.

Mitra Mcquilton

Thread Painting

Rosemary's silver and gold filled jewellery incorporate semi-precious stones and pearls

Rosemary Millar


Gill is a painter in watercolour and acrylics.  She creates images of landscape, animals and flowers, in a loose approach.

Gill Moules


Judith's colourful and vibrant acrylic paintings, capture the changing seasons from the woods around her studio in Gloucestershire.

Judith Pemberton-Bennetts


Yana is a Ukrainian artist who has lived in the UK for a year.  She loves nature, it inspires her and gives her peace.  Her intricate pen and ink drawings are meticulously created dot by dot from an initial pencil drawing.  Yana has been drawing since childhood and is self-taught, she also paints in oil, acrylics and watercolour.

Yana Petrovska

Pen & Ink

Lianne believes in art therapy, so behind every bright, colourful picture there is a story. She aims for her artworks to make people feel uplifted when they see them. She particularly enjoys incorporating nature, family, locations and emotions into her work and loves the different textures that can be achieved with acrylic paints.

Lianne Price


Agnieszka is a mixed media artist using mostly acrylics but also loves working with texture and gold leaf. She mainly paints loose florals, birch trees and large abstract landscapes. She also creates unique hand painted floral and abstract cards which are idea to frame.

Agnieszka Richards


Dee's work is in sugar paste and the occasional model in fimo.

Dee Robbins

Sugar Art

Karen's textile and ceramic art is inspired by nature. Detailed works of art created with applique and free motion machine embroidery, complimented with botanical themed, hand built functional and decorative ceramics.

Karen Schwamm

Textile & Ceramic Art

Shirley's drawn characters have naturally moved into sculpture. She uses the clay in the same way as she draws, loosely and roughly, pushing it around. The character naturally evolves as the clay is manipulated, moving between seriousness and absurdity.

Shirley Sharp


Jennifer is a landscape painter in various media.

Jennifer Smith


Best known as 'Square Eyes', Becky is a photographer who uses her image making as a way of documenting her life and travels as a visual journey. Key moments are then shared and printed in a Polaroid size and style format and from that she builds thematically related collections in multiples of 4, 9 and upwards. This process allows the work to be customised to a location, theme, person or category.

Becky Stazicker (Square Eyes)


Caroline is influenced by place, nature and historical events, She uses maps, photographs and documents as reference to make layers of marks with textiles, print, cyanotype and mixed media.

Caroline Stealey


Mainly pottery wheel thrown pieces created using stoneware clays and Shortwood Bristol clay with its beautiful texture and colour. Surfaces treated with glazes and Terra Sigillatta's, to compliment the vessels forms. Reference to empathy, balance and relationship with others and materials, is a major thread joining the work together.

Clare Stephens


Nicky is heavily influenced by Chinese brush painting and uses watercolour pigments and alcohol inks allowing them to disperse in the water or alcohol. She loves nature and her paintings are of animals, birds, trees and natural forms. For every painting that she sell Nicky donates money to The Woodland Trust

Nicky Stone


The portraits that Tamas creates represent people close to him, family, friends and people he doesn’t know personally but somehow they made an impact on him. He uses these faces as a loose reference but they often go their own way during the hours of painting. The landscapes are like dreams and the vivid, imaginary often leaves you confused and uncertain after you wake up.

Tamas Szikszay


Clare is an international award winning contemporary artist with painting and drawing at the heart of her practice. She makes work deeply connected to a sense of place in response to particular landscape features that have had a profound effect on her, mostly in tidal and coastal areas.

Clare Thatcher


Jeanette paints in oils, acrylic, pastels and watercolour in a variety of styles and subjects.

Jeanette Thomas


Vivien paints atmospheric landscapes, townscapes and waterways of Gloucestershire.  She is inspired by light and aims to convey a sense of time and space.

Vivien Townsend


Lucienne paints a variety of scenes from the natural world in watercolour and oils.

Lucienne Ujvarosy


Kay creates original paintings in acrylic and mixed media inspired by the British countryside, past and present.  Subjects include wildlife, flora and landscape.  Also available as limited edition prints and greetings cards.

Kay Watkins


Andrea uses mainly colour pencils for her artwork, as well as incorporating pastels in some pieces. She produces pet portraits to commission, whilst non-commission works focus on floral and wildlife studies. Her work is detailed in style, capturing the true individuality of the subject.

Andrea Wheal

Coloured Pencils and Pastels

Jackie loves capturing the atmosphere of places she has visited in acrylics. She also enjoys showing the character of pets and family members in watercolour and ink.

Jackie Windeatt


Yvette creates abstract acrylic and resin landscapes, seascapes and dramatic flower portraits. Also available are a selection of handprinted cards, wrapping paper and gift bags. Also handcrafted sterling silver jewellery.

Yvette Zoffani


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